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Choosing a Hair and Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Any city known for weddings is thick with vendors in every category, and hair and makeup artists are no exception! Although one of the smaller items in your wedding budget, it’s also near the top in importance since your face will be in nearly 80% of all photos taken.

Feeling less than stunning in your photos that you’ll show for years to come is simply not an option; you need to feel absolutely fabulous about your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

But how do you choose a Hair and Makeup Artist? Las Vegas is primarily a destination-wedding city, so more often than not you will have little, if any, opportunity to meet with your artists and stylist prior to your wedding. Since your likely going to do the majority of your wedding planning online, there are a few clues you can look for before popping the question: “Will you be my makeup artist?”

1. Do you like their portfolio?

Most makeup artists only display a limited number of images and styles on their websites. You may not see the exact hair or makeup style you want, but what you are looking for is to make sure the brides on their site look amazing.

Also, though you won’t find your exact style strand-for-strand on their website, you can look at their general style and see if it suites what you find attractive. If you know you want a soft, textured look, see if they have styles with that same feel displayed.

If you know you want a perfect and polished up do, are there any images of that? Generally, if you like the artist but don’t see something in line with your own unique tastes, a quick email to them asking about a style your after will help you understand if you’re a good fit.

2. Are they professional?

The very last thing you need to be worried about on your wedding day are logistics. Logistics are easy. Pay this, sign that, organize this. Signs that a makeup artist is professional are: answering emails in a timely fashion, requesting a contract and retainer, having a neat and organized website, sending confirmations for contracts and retainers received.

Short, vague and hurried interactions are a sure sign that your makeup artist isn’t paying attention to you and just wants to hurry up and get you booked so they can move onto other things. If they can’t be professional and organized from the start, there’s a good chance they won’t be professional on your wedding day.

3. Are they personable?

This is extremely important. Your wedding day will literally start with the arrival of your makeup artist. They set the tone for your entire day. Before all else, before determining your final look at a trial, before setting appointment times, before anything and everything – if your artist and stylist aren’t personable and warm, then they aren’t the artist for you.

Getting your makeup done is a very intimate experience. You’re inviting someone into your private space to help you look amazing for a day you’ll remember for years to come. Your artist will see everything- from thin hair to blemishes to boogers- and it’s their job to have you leaving the chair feeling confident and beautiful.

You will feel extremely self conscious if your makeup artist is a diva, has a crappy attitude, or is clearly not paying attention to you. Your makeup artist is, for the moment, your BFF. Make sure you get that vibe from the start.

Hope you will look your best on your big day!